Adopt-a-Physicist Teacher Packet

Welcome to Adopt-a-Physicist!

This packet includes everything a teacher needs to get started.

You may download the complete teacher packet (1.3MB .pdf) or download a particular section below. Feel free to use the materials as is or to edit the handouts and assignments to better fit your class and schedule.

Adopt-a-Physicist Teacher Packet Sections

Project Summary
Download (224kb .pdf)
A general summary of Adopt-a-Physicist and its goals.
Teacher Responsibilities
Download (115kb .pdf)
One page summary of teacher responsibilities with timeline.
Teacher's Guide
Download (172kb .pdf)
Information on choosing physicists, monitoring discussion forums, and implementing Adopt-a-Physicist in the classroom.
Suggested Discussion Topics
Download (23kb .docx)
A list of topics students might want to discuss with their physicists.
Student Guide
Download (217kb .docx)
A student handout that contains specific instructions and guidelines for using the discussion forums.
Class Groups
Download (33kb .doc)
A template for a student handout that contains brief biographies of the class's "adopted" physicists.
Project Guidelines
Download (28kb .docx)
A student handout that can be used if you decide to have students give a presentation about their experience (recommended). The handout includes the project requirements and standards for how students will be evaluated on their presentation. This handout can be downloaded and edited to fit your needs.

The Physicist Packet is available here.